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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basic facts about blinds I should know?

There are a few things you need to know and understand before you can make a final decision on blinds.

  1. Understand that you get various brands when you buy blinds. Just as when you would buy a car, Audi / Mercedez / BMW will often be viewed as top brands, that normally come at a premium compared to certain other brands, but for a good reason. The main difference is normally in the quality of the finishes and also the technology or performance of the engine. In the same way Luxaflex® and Blind Design are viewed as the 2 top brands in South Africa. Both of these brands use top quality mechanisms and again you will realise the difference when you operate them compared to most other brands. A venetian blind or a roller blind, is therefore not just a blind ….it all depends on the BRAND of blind. The brand will determine the quality of that specific venetian or roller blind. Quite often the price and the quality go hand in hand and you will get what you pay for.
  2. There are MULTIPLE types of blinds, as can be seen from our website product page. Each blind has its pro’s and con’s. We really recommend you speak to a professional to ensure you have selected the best type of blind for your specific needs.
  3. Once you know the desired brand and type of blind, you will be faced with more choices concerning the fabric or other finishes to the blinds. Pricing can again vary considerably between different fabric choices for roller blinds / venetian blinds, etc. We trust that our fabric selections under the product page will help you with your decisions (note the “priced from” amount that gives the price (without installation or any possible discounts) for a entry size 600mmm x 600mm blind. This will help you to see which fabrics are a lot more expensive than others.

At Mathéo Blinds & Awnings or Mathéo Shutters and Flooring, our mission is to assist you to find the best suitable products to meet your specific needs and budgets. It is for this reason that we work with around 7 manufacturers to give you the widest range of products. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation or quotation.

What is the main difference between the Luxaflex® brand and the Blind Design brand?

Both these brands are truly top quality. We are extremely proud to be associated with both of these top brands in their elite distribution channels as a Luxaflex® Gallery and as a Blind Professional.

As we started out as a Luxaflex Gallery in 2010, let’s start with this brand. The Luxaflex brand is viewed as the top brand world wide and is manufactured by Hunter Douglas, a very large multinational group that has been in SA for over 60 years. Hunter Douglas invented the first venetian blinds in the 1950’s and invests heavily in research to stay the leading brand world wide. They have developed a large amount of top products that has been trademarked. They focus especially on child safety, and their inventions on the Duette® blinds with all the various headrail mechanisms have also won a few awards. The brand Luxaflex are probably as well known in certain parts of Europe as the brand BMW. Up to very recently Luxaflex was the only brand in SA that labelled their blinds and shutters.

Blind Design on the other hand is a proudly South African brand. They use mostly Louvolite fabrics and components for all their blinds. Louvolite is a brand that was established in the UK, and now also sells all over the world. They also invest heavily in their own research and stays at the front end of all developments. What we love about Blind Design, and the main reason we recently also joined their elite loyalty programme, is the fact that the company is in touch with specific South African trends and needs. They also offer a very wide variety of products and run a very “tight ship” in terms of quality control. Blind Design is well known for their excellent marketing and has also recently started to label their products to market the brand even better.

How do I contact you?

You can call us on 012 991 5767

You can also email us:

Our showroom is open and displays a large variety of all the products we offer to ensure you can get a proper look and feel. Be sure to visit us during business hours.

How does payment work?

We require a 70% deposit on all orders. The reason for this is that the products are custom made and cannot be sold to any 3rd parties.  Balance is payable on installation or shipping via courier. Should any commercial projects specify different payment options, prior approval must be obtained from management.

Is my information secure?

Yes. We respect your privacy and know that it is important to you how your information is handled.

Which brands do you carry?

We supply and install a large variety of carefully selected quality brands. We expand and revisit our supplying brands on a regular basis to ensure we can offer the widest range to you as our customers. Our main brands that we offer include the following:


  • Blinds
    • Luxaflex®, Blind Design, BlindQuip (Aluvert), Blindsmart, Focus Shutters and Blinds, Taylor, Quantum, Crawfords (Shademaster)
  • Shutters
    • Luxaflex®, Blind Design, Taylor, Focus Shutters and Blinds, QC Shutters
  • Curtains
    • FABRICS - Hertex, HomeFabrics, Silkhouse, U&G, Stuart Graham, LoomFabrics
    • HARDWARE – Blind Design, Papini (Silkhouse), Gilded Edge, Ruflette
  • Aluminium Awnings
    • Alushade, Façade Systems
  • Fabric Awnings
    • Blind Design, Luxaflex®, Sunstop, AC Screens, Taylor, Ideal Awnings
  • Flooring
    • Likewise, Belgotex, Traviata, GreenTouch, LGHausys, FloorNet, Nouwens, FloorWorx
  • Wallpaper / Rugs and other
    • Hertex, HomeFabrics, U&G, WallpaperInn, Wall Design, VanHoutte Carpets,
How do I measure my windows?
I’m not sure about installing my own blinds. Can you help me?

Absolutely. Please contact us and ask advice on the installation of your specific blinds.

If you're still looking for a product, we also offer measuring and installation services.

However, if you have already bought your blinds and have a problem installing them, our customer service department is full of experts that can point you in the right direction. If you don’t feel comfortable installing them yourself, then use our professional installation services! We normally charge a callout fee (depending on distance from our offices) and a fixed cost per blind or per shutter panel.  Installation charges for Allusion blinds, Curtains and Outdoor Fabric awnings however vary depending on the width and size of the products.

What if I make a mistake on my measurements?

That can unfortunately be a bit of a problem. Certain blinds can be trimmed a bit in width or height or both, but it can be costly. Best to contact us with a photo of the product and the sizes of the product versus the required sizes, we will see if our installers can assist on site or if we need to send the products into the factory.

I am an interior decorator or agent dealing with 3rd party home owners. Can I buy through you?

Definitely yes. We have an agent programme. We will train and assist you with the various products and ways to measure as required. We offer various discount structures depending on the amount of risk you will take or wish us to take.

Please contact us for more information. Agents can also meet their customers in our showroom to assist with selecting the products and fabrics.

What is the difference between Topfix (or recess) mount and Face Fix (or external) mount?

Topfix or Recess mount is when the blind, shade, or shutter fits inside of the window opening. Mounting as an inside mount generally has a cleaner, neater look. It is also more cost effective, as the size is smaller than an outside mount.

Face Fix or external mount is when the blind, shade, or shutter is mounted outside the window opening (above and around the window frame), and can be used if there isn’t enough depth to mount the product inside the opening or if a proper blockout is required.

Most products can be fitted topfix or face fix, but the brackets supplied with are different, so it is important to establish upfront which mount will work best.

After Order

How fast will I get my order?

We try to make sure you get your order as fast as possible. However, because our products are all custom made, there is a manufacturing time associated with every order. The normal lead times for the supplying manufacturers of most blinds are 10-15 working days. Certain designer fabrics are however imported and their lead times are 15-25 working days. Security and wooden shutters are normally also 20-25 working days (special shapes will be longer). Imported wooden shutters can be 8-10 weeks.

Most manufacturers have 48 hour – 4 day rush specials on certain products, but surcharges varying between 10% - 30% will be applicable.

After the manufacturer completes and delivers it to us, our offices will contact you to arrange for the installation time. Please refer to Terms and Conditions.

Can I check my order’s status?

You can call 012 991 5767 (option 2) to find out what the status is of your order.  Be sure to have your quote number on hand. You can also email to enquire about the status of your order.


Can I measure and install shutters as a DIY product?

Not as a rule. We prefer that shutters be measured and installed by our experts. As this is a very expensive product and measurements need to be given to the nearest mm, and alterations are very costly, we do not recommend it as a DIY product.

What Shutter products are available?

During your appointment, our Shutter expert will show you the available range of wooden, composite and Aluminium range of Shutters available.

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