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Laminate Flooring

Classen has been a leader in the market relating to laminate flooring and skirtings in the regional and international markets for many years. Laminate flooring has improved in terms of materials that are made sustainably and have a low carbon footprint, drawing inspiration from nature and incorporating them into innovative flooring. Now solutions that are waterproof are available and can be used in all rooms within the home.

Max Width:
Laminates available in 1286mm widths, depending on the type of laminate flooring option chosen
Max Thickness:

Can range from 3mm to 12mm thickness, depending on the type of flooring


Heavy Duty Residential


Between 15-25 year warranty dependent on the type of flooring

Types of laminated floors:
There are different classifications of laminated flooring
⦁ Laminated Floors
⦁ Waterproof laminated Floors
⦁ Waterproof Floors SPC

Colour Options:
Wide colour varieties for each category of flooring, ranging from natural wood colours and neutral colour palettes
Pattern Repeat:
No pattern repeats on flooring
All laminate flooring should be cleaned with soft cloths to remove dirt or alternatively use a damp cloth to remove stains. Avoid micro fibre cloths for cleaning as they can leave fine scratches on highly polished laminate flooring. Flooring with wood and wood bases should never have any water standing as this water can seep into the wood and damage the product. Wood and wood-based flooring is also sensitive to humidity; therefore, the temperature should ideally remain 20°C during the year. Read the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning.
Furniture flooring must be lifted onto floors to prevent scratching the finishes on the floors. Areas that receive the most humidity (kitchens, scullery, bathrooms) must we wiped down with soft cloths to prevent damaging even waterproof flooring. Laminate flooring is thicker than the vinyl counterparts, therefore it can be easily damaged
Underfloor Heating:
Option is available for most laminate floors
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