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Cleaning Your Blinds

1: A soft cloth may be used to clean the shutters.

2: Once clean, please make sure there is no cleaning residue on the shutter surfaces and that all surfaces are completely dry.

3:  Foreign, hard to clean substances may be removed by using the following cleaners.
Recommended cleaning fluids for cleaning Shutters.
Water & 30% vinegar
Murphy Oil Soap
Soft Scrub
Zep Write Away

The following are NOT recommended for cleaning Shutter:
Chlorine bleach (Example: Clorox)
Liquid grease remover (Example: Grease Relief)
Strong soaps and detergents containing organic solvents (Example: Ivory Soap Liquid)
Nail polish remover
Furniture polish and cleaners (Example: Pine Power)
Any aggressive organic solvent (Example: Tide Powder)

The above lists are not all inclusive, but designed to provide direction and examples for cleaning. Stain removal is impacted by several factors beyond the type of stain. Severity and duration of exposure can affect one’s ability to remove a stain. The recommended cleaners above have been found to be sufficient for removing most substances but there are no guarantees that these will remove all stains. Always test cleaners in a small area to verify the product will provide the desired results. Please note, it is possible to damage the finish depending on the methods and items used to clean the product.
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