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We are very excited to introduce you to a new Polysilk Vinyl Shutter on the SA market. Blind Designs, one of our leading brands, has introduced the Urban Shutter very successfully during the last year. It has already been established as a competitive product in terms of quality and especially in terms of pricing. It is absolutely ideal for all windows.
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Mathéo Blinds & Awnings, and Mathéo Shutters and Flooring specialise in all types of shutters – but this month – the spotlight is on URBAN SHUTTERS from Blind Design.
Urban shutters will be custom-made in Johannesburg to your exact specifications. They are designed to give an elegant appearance with the ultra-strong Polysilk Vinyl, creating a sturdy and long-lasting window dressing that will not chip, crack or peel. The high-tech, computerised manufacturing facilities ensure that all the louvres are equidistantly spaced to achieve the perfect aesthetic balance. Café-style shutters covering only a portion of the full opening drop are now also possible.
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The operating system uses unique Louvrelink connectors that are hard-wearing and allow the louvres to close together in both directions giving you enhanced privacy. Using Louvrelink connectors means we don’t need to use staples.

Urban Shutters resist the damaging effects of moisture due to their polysilk vinyl making them the perfect choice for wet or humid environments such as kitchens and bathrooms.
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Choose from either 63mm or 89mm louvre sizes in Cotton White, allowing you to create the perfect look. The upper and lower rail sections are available in two sizes, 50mm or 100mm, giving you the opportunity to stylise your shutter further.


A trend that is becoming increasingly popular is the combination of blinds, or blinds and curtains combinations. 

To stir your imagination, we would love to share a few photos of blind combinations done over the last year. 
Artboard 2 copy 46
Double Roller blind sets fitted separately over the reveal with a valance, or within a bulkhead.

The most popular trend is a double set of roller blinds, combining a screen roller with a block-out or light-filtering roller. The purpose of the screen roller blinds is to provide sun protection during the day as well as daytime privacy. In contrast, the purpose of the block-out or light filter fabric is to give night-time privacy, add extra insulation in winter, as well as to add aesthetics.

Various options are available. The most popular method we recommend is to fit the screen roller inside the reveal with a block-out roller blind fitted face fix over the reveal. This will ensure a better block-out effect and also ensure the controls are not getting mixed up.
Artboard 2 copy 38
Double Roller in Casette – Front motorised, screen manually operated with steel ball chain.
The double roller cassette system from Blind Designs, however, has a stunning double bracket, that allows for both blinds to fit inside the reveal. The ultimate solution is to have the front privacy blind motorised and the screen blind manually operated with a steel ball chain cord.

Artboard 2 copy 47
Allusion and Vision Blinds (left) and Duette Blind and Wave Curtain (right).
Another trend is to combine two different types of window coverings at the same opening or for different openings in the same room – using the same colour schemes.

Using a top-down bottom-up duette shade on a glass door or in a window for light control in combination with a wave curtain is not only very modern but also focused on energy saving whilst aesthetically pleasing.

Many more options are available for combining certain blinds, shutters, or curtains, and we are always more than happy to advise or assist you in choosing the right product to fit your space. Please make sure to also recommend us to your friends and family for the best service and top-quality products at extremely competitive pricing. We strive to do more than you can imagine!


Without change – it is often impossible to grow. Without growth, it is impossible to stay alive. This is definitely true in the business world. The Mathéo group has managed to stay on top of all the changes and challenges of the last few years. We are grateful to say that the business is doing well and that we have been able to add new faces to the team, whilst maintaining excellent staff retention over the last 4 years.

We are proud to say we now have 4 installation teams and have also placed Kenny in a new position of technical, safety and quality control - to ensure our high levels of installations are maintained and even improved.

We also welcomed Lize-Mari as our new receptionist – and most of you would have met her by now and experienced her professional and very friendly service.


On a victorious note, our team of 18 staff were also very proud of our Springbok Rugby team, and supported them all the way to the glorious end! Good teamwork and a sense of belonging is something we strive for in our business, as we know this is a winning formula.
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Some changes were made to our showroom – with a better layout to utilise our space and flooring, curtains and Somfy motorisation sections. If you have not visited us recently – please stop by and see the improvements we made to better serve our client and reflect our brand.

To make space for the new areas, Ellana, Pieter and Sanet have moved out of the showroom into new management offices on level -2 in the Parkview Centre.
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We are happy to announce that our very first Lucky Draw competition, held in May this year, was a huge success with over 320 entries. Our winner, Ms T. Erasmus, was announced at the beginning of June 2023 and received her fantastic prize voucher of R12,500!
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Her winning entry was due to her purchase of beautiful Ambience Blinds (as seen in the background of her photo). She has since also placed her order for some Designer Roller Blinds from Blind Design, and will be receiving them soon.

Due to all the positive feedback we received on the Lucky Draw, we have decided to most definitely host another competition early in 2024 so be sure to look out for our announcements on our blog and social media platforms and more details to see how you can also win.


As the year draws to an end, this will also be our last formal correspondence for 2023 - we wish to take advantage of this opportunity to wish you a Blessed and Merry Christmas long in advance.
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May you enjoy a time of rest and reflection, and spend a peaceful and joyful period with your loved ones. To those who might be going away, please travel safely and know that we will also be thinking fondly about you, as a special customer, friend, colleague or supplier!

We look forward to supplying you with blinds, shutters, flooring and awnings in the year to come, and providing the great personal service and advice that you have come to know.

From all of us at Mathéo Blinds & Awnings, and Mathéo Shutters and Flooring,
thank you and we hope to see you again soon.

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