Luxaflex® Aluminium Adjustable Louvre Awnings

Adjustable awnings are a long term investment with immediate results for commercial Adjustable-awnings
and residential applications.


  • LUXACOTE – Protective covering: Will never rust, corrode, fade, or even stain
  • Contains aluminum, stainless steel and nylon fittings
  • Smooth and easy operation
  • Enjoy sunlight all year round
  • Cool in summer, warm in winter
  • Watertight
  • Suitable For All Conditions

Aluminium Adjustable Louvre Awnings from Alushade also available.

Luxaflex® Classicline Awnings

Classicline aluminium awnings are a long term investment with immediate results for commercial
and residential awning applications.

The Classicline awnings include various styles:

  • Barbados (also referred to as a Bullnose Awning)
  • Caribbean
  • Bahama
  • Panorama


  • Durable heat reflective aluminum
  • Maximum shading for maximum protection
  • Protects doors and window frames from the elements
  • Four different shapes to suit your home’s design
  • Large colour range including Pearl and Metallic finishes – design your own colour pattern
  • Unique Luxacote finish protects against fading and corrosion

Alushade External Ceiling and Carport Awning

Ideal for commercial, industrial, housing and townhouse applications, Alushade aluminium carports or external ceiling awnings are attractive, require very little maintenance and can be adapted to suit any installation requirements. For the greatest possible resistance to all climatic conditions the aluminium is coated with Aluminium Color-Tech G4 paint system which carries a full ten year guarantee.

These aesthetically pleasing systems are locally manufactured and supported by a full technical design and advisory service available countrywide.

Downlights can be installed as optional extra (own electrician required to do connections) with anti-hail sheets for added protection.

Sun Louvres

Specially designed to reduce heat and diffuse glare, the Alushade lightweight roll formed all-aluminium louvre systems are coated with the Colour-Tech G4 paint system for the greatest possible resistance to all climatic conditions, and as such are guaranteed for a full ten years.

Alushade sun louvres reduce the load on air-conditioning without impending fresh air flow and only minimal light reduction is encountered.colourrange

The aesthetically pleasing screens are locally manufactured. Requiring very low maintenance and available in a wide range of
exceptionally colour-fast colours, Alushade sun louvres are available in either bold or light profiles in varying lengths, to suit all windows, architectural styles and sun conditions.

Available in :

  • 70Z Louvres
  • 84C Sun Louvres
  • 132Z Sun Louvres

Enhance your lifestyle with beautiful exterior shading solutions from the Luxaflex® Awnings range.

Luxaflex® offers a range of awning systems to suit every application—from covering the largest patio to a simple sunshade. Luxaflex awnings are available in a variety of styles, fabrics, and colours designed to resist fading and temperature extremes.